Personal Assistance

• Personal Assistance

Your loved one may want to lead an independent life, but still they might require
some level of assistance with certain daily activities. AAA We Make Time Home
Care’s personal assistants will provide friendly and loving care for your loved
ones making sure that they are comfortable and independent.
Our personal assistants are qualified and experienced to help with following

  • Assistance with Routines: Dressing, Grooming, Cooking and other
  • Assistance with Mobility: Helping your loved ones to safely get in and out
    of bed or car and walk around.

  • Bathing & Showering: Helping your loved ones to shower and bathe
    comfortably and safely.
  • Personal Hygiene Assistance: Providing help to ensure your loved one’s
    hygiene and health.

  • Help with Restroom Use: Making sure that the loved one is assisted to use
    the restroom whenever needed.
  • Assistance with Dressing & Personal Appearance: Making sure the client’s
    appearance is great while making sure the client is comfortable.

  • Incontinence Care: Our care assistants are certified and experienced in
    assisting aging and disabled clients.


• Errands & Transportation
There is a point where it is no longer safe for your parent or loved one to be
driving on their own. Driving can be very dangerous to them due to delayed
reaction time, delayed decision making time, vision problems and many other


Damages to the car and property, getting tickets, confusions with directions and
getting lost, accidents and running out of gas are some common indications that
your parent or loved should no longer be behind the wheel.
AAA We Make Time Home Care provides an errand service to make sure that
your loved one is still able to travel safely to fulfill their needs. You can have the
peace of mind by ensuring your loved one’s and general public’s safety through
this service.

Our errands & transportation services include the following.

  • Providing safe and comfortable transportation and accompanying your
    loved one to doctor’s appointments.
  • Scheduling, Placing and Reminding of doctor’s appointments.
  • Running Errands: Visiting drug stores, super markets, paying bills, going
    to the post office, maintaining vehicles or any errand that the client



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