Live-In 24 Hour Home Care

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Live-in Care
Leaving your loved one alone in their home may worry you a lot. The best option
is to hire a live-in care professional to look after them. This will give you peace of
mind by knowing that your loved one is looked after by an experienced, skilled
and trusted professional 24 hours a day!
AAA We Make Time Home Care provides live-in care professionals who are certified. Our screened live-in care providers are trained to do everything to make sure that your loved one is comfortable and safe during all hours of the day.

  • We will ensure that your loved one is looked after very well 24/7 through
    the rotation of live-in care specialists.

  • Rotation of 3 or so live-in care providers to make sure uninterrupted

  • A great assistance to Alzheimer’s and dementia patients


24 Hour Care

AAA We Make Time Home Care, we provide you with the best senior care
professionals in the business. Our quality registration and screening processes
ensure that our senior care specialists are of exceptional qualities to make sure
we provide an outstanding service to our clients.
Our senior care specialists take pride in their work and we offer a guarantee that
your loved one will be looked after with care, love and respect they truly deserve!
AAA We Make Time Home Care we focus on the following attributes to maintain
the exceptional quality of our services.

  • Trustworthy and loving care through friendly and respectful professionals
  • Keeping clear communications with family and friends of clients
  • Keeping updated work journals
  • Quality rotation of caregivers to maintain uninterrupted service
  • Ensuring the health and safety of our clients at all times
  • Strict guidelines when hiring senior care providers with our company
  • Strict screening procedure to make sure that our care providers are giving
    the best care possible
  • 24 hour customer care
  • A reputed GUARANTEE that our senior care professionals will assist your
    loved one with care and affection at all times.
  • Friendly & Supportive Conversations: Being able to talk with the clients
    and knowing their interests which are the most important qualities of a
    companion care giver.
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