Levels of Care Services

Levels of Care Services – AAA We Make Time Home Care

We customize our services based on the level of care required as per each patient’s Plan of Care, which is prepared by our  RN’s (Registered Nurses) during initial and regular assessments.

We are able to offer a variety of flexible options in our provision of Home Care Services:

  • Hourly – fixed hourly rate
  • Live-In Aid – Caregiver resides with the patient at a fixed daily cost
  • Visits – fixed cost for a specific service
  • Package visits – a bundled package consisting of the above mentioned services

Home Care rate for each of the above, is based on the level and duration of Home Care, as well as the discipline of the assigned Caregiver.

*One location may not provide all the services listed. We will accept an assignment if we have a trained Caregiver available with the requisite skills set for care of the patient.

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