Frequently Asked Home Care Questions

Listed below are a variety of questions AAA We Make Time Home Care generally receives from clients in search of Elderly Care Companies. If you do not see a response to your question, please Contact us and let us know! 

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How will you select the ideal Caregivers for my loved one?
Through preliminary evaluation, we access specific records about your loved one’s interests, passions and needs. We then evaluate our pool of Caregivers to identify the individual who is compatible with the attributes and needs of your loved one. Inglewood staff will then propose a time for initiating home care and the introduction of the Caregiver in order to ensure an easy start to a pleasant experience.
Do you train your Caregivers?
Yes, carefully. We begin by choosing Caregivers who have good knowledge of Elderly Care, and then we provide training on AAA We Make Time Home Care procedures, requirements and core values. New caregivers complete a 6-hour orientation, covering topics such as Rights of Customers, Control of Infections, Customer Care Guidelines and many more. All Caregivers are given access to several training material on Home Care and Elderly Care.
Do I pay the Caregiver immediately?
No, you should definitely not pay a Caregiver immediately. One designated family member will be given a bill every other week, and payment should be remitted directly to our Company.
What should I expect on a regular working day from my caregiver?
That will depend on what kind of service you have required. It may include shopping and managing early morning tasks, or preparing a meal and feeding the patient, planning dinner, or going for a walk and enjoying games in the evening. We have a wide variety of tasks and pastimes available to our Caregivers in our Customer Reference Library, including brain-stimulating programs for our clients with Alzheimer’s or Dementia.
Could we have the same Caregiver at any time?
We can’t guarantee that your Caregiver will always be available to you, but we’ll make every effort to schedule the same Caregiver for as many visits as possible. We may occasionally present a new Caregiver so that you’ll always have an available “substitute” who is comfortable with your beloved one’s needs and with whom you feel secure.
What if I really don’t like my Caregiver?
If you or your elderly loved one are not comfortable for any reason, make sure you let us know – you won’t hurt a person’s feelings. What is most essential to us, is that you are satisfied and feel secure with your Caregiver. If you would like to request a new Caregiver, simply call our office and we will help you.
What if our Caregiver gets sick or can’t come on a particular day?
On days when your Caregiver is not available, we find a replacement who is also a excellent match for your loved one. We will call to inform you of the issue, and if you have not yet met the replacement Caregiver, a member of our Staff will usually visit your home to present the information.
What are your areas of expertise and what services do you offer?
AAA We Make Time Home Care offers a complete range of elderly services, such as Wellness Watch, Caregiver Services, Proper Care Management, Moving Service and much more. Please contact your local office for more information.
Do Elderly Care Workers administer treatment?
When given a timetable, our Caregivers can remind their customers to access treatment at the scheduled times, but they can’t administer the treatment.
What do you mean by ‘basic house cleaning’?
Our Caregivers perform daily duties that assist in maintaining a clean home, such as washing pots and pans, doing the laundry, pressing, changing the bed sheets and vacuum cleaning.
What occurs if our family member is going into the Medical Center?
AAA We Make Time Home Care is here to assist you to the extent of your needs, during this stressful and difficult time. Just call our business office, as early as possible, to inform us of the situation and the estimated time needed for the visit to the Clinic. We can assist by providing our Caregiver Expert Services, which appoints a Caregiver to stay with your loved one, so that you can get more done or get some time to relax. We can also help with adjustments in managing your loved one’s condition at home and ensuring that they are following the techniques advised by their Medical Doctor.
How soon can service begin?
Right away. AAA We Make Time Home Care is well-known for our fast and easy – Start Home Care technique, which offers the proper care that you need, when you need it.

Can I make adjustments to the schedule if I have another scheduled appointment?
Definitely! We simply ask that you give us as much notice as possible by getting in touch with our office. Any cancellations within 24 hours may be subject to charges.
If I have a problem or issue, who should I call?
If you have any issues or concerns, make sure to contact our AAA We Make Time Home Care office and talk with a member of our staff.
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