Home Care Services Cost

Cost of Services – The Cost of Home Care Services shouldn’t be HUSH HUSH

AAA We Make Time Home Care, wants the WORLD to know
that we are affordable and provide the highest quality Caregivers.

Standard Rates


$185 to $275 per day


4-hour or longer service
$17.00 per hour to 25 per hour

3-hour service
$17.00 per hour

2-hour service
$17.00 per hour

1-hour service

Companion Only Rates – $1 less per hour than the above rates

Please note the following exceptions:

Heavier care needs may have an additional charge.

If CNA, HHA or CAL/FED fingerprints are required or requested,
an additional charge of $1.00 per hour will apply.

Rates are different for couples/two clients:
add $2.00 per hour for hourly service or
$25.00 per day for Live-In.

Holidays are charged at 1 ½ times the regular rate.
Rates are subject to change
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Administrative Office:

AAA We Make Time Home Care

2930 West Imperial Hwy, Suite 200-Q

Inglewood, CA 90303


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