Care Management

AAA wE MAKE TIME HOME cARE3Senior care giving is a great responsibility. It requires special skills, experience, careful attention and ample time which you might not have.

Wondering if it is the right decision to let an outsider take care of your parent or loved one? It is better to let a skilled professional with experience and reputation to look after your loved one rather than you doing a bad job.

You might not be able to do a great job due to many reasons such as
inexperience, lack of required skills, distance and personal commitments.Therefore the best option will be to let the professionals do that job for you thus ensuring that your loved one gets the best care possible!

AAA We Make Time Home Care will manage your loved one’s care. We have
years of experience in care management and we are equipped with a wide range
of expertise. We will provide you with constant updates about your loved one and
give you options and help you take decisions related to their care.
Our care manager will be your loved one’s friend and guide and provide them
instructions and assistance to ensure their well being. The care manager can
take responsibility of jobs listed below.

  • Providing Transportation
  • Making doctor’s appointments
  • Accompanying the loved one to doctor’s appointments
  • Aiding with communication between the client and other parties
  • Monitoring whether the client is following medical instructions
  • Monitoring whether the client is getting enough exercise
  • Providing reminders to the client
  • Monitoring the loved one’s diet
  • Looking over client’s physical & mental health

You can be comfortable knowing that us at AAA We Make Time Home Care are
always looking over your loved one. We will be your second set of eyes!

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